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Barbara Danforth For

Cleveland Heights Mayor 


"Experience Matters"

Cleveland Heights is a wonderful community with beautiful homes, parks, arts and cultural opportunities.  I am running for mayor because the city also has unrealized potential and missed opportunities.  I believe that I can change that. 


We – our residents, council and city staff – must work together to create a bold new master plan, with a vision for our commercial districts and residential neighborhoods.  That plan would include a roadmap for strategic investment in economic development and growth.  Investing in our city increases our tax base and makes it more attractive to live here, move here and do business here.  click here for Issues  Civic pride will flourish when our city makes tangible progress toward a BOLD NEW VISION.

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Why me?


 I am a 16-year Cleveland Heights resident with a broad range of professional experience in law, government, education and social service. Many people in Cleveland are familiar with my turnaround work at the YWCA, where I served as CEO for 15 years. For more on my professional career. click here

During the last 2 years, I have become intensely involved in bringing change here in Cleveland Heights. I worked with the committee that led voters to change our form of government

empowering voters to directly elect the Mayor and hold that person accountable for success in the city. For more on our new government click here

I was happy to volunteer as a facilitator for the You Talk I Listen Community Session that focused on community engagement and issues of concern. As a result, the Noble Road residents created a process to bring their concerns and dreams to city leaders with recommendations for change. Following the nationwide protests of the George Floyd killing, I helped facilitate meetings between a group of young adults and leaders in the Police Department.  

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I recently joined the Forest Hill Home Owners Association, where I chair the Membership Committee. My husband Obie Shelton and I are known in our neighborhood for the work we have done with our home. For more on my personal life, click here

What I Believe

Good government is done of the people, by the people and for the people.  The only agenda is what is in the best interest of the residents and the city.  Respect, integrity and transparency will be the standard for all of my interactions. 


There will be times when desires and priorities of one group will come into direct conflict with another group.  Honesty, diplomacy and compromise can resolve conflicts.  I promise to listen to you and respect your position, even when we disagree.  I will provide effective, rigorous and bold leadership to transition to a new form of government and to implement a BOLD NEW VISION for our city.