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Economic Development

There are many projects and issues in Cleveland Heights that have not been addressed or resolved, but for each challenge there can be a solution to make it a productive opportunity.  Following are some of the projects that require attention:

Severance Town Center


Taylor Tudor Buildings


Taylor School


Mayfield Triangle

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The Medusa Building


Millikin School


Vacant Houses


Vacant Lots

There is widespread agreement that we need to retain businesses as well as attract new ones. However, there are widely different opinions about how we turn challenges into opportunities. I believe these action steps -involving the community early-will get us to the best solutions.

1. Identify and detail each challenge
2. Complete research, gather data, get expert advice
3. Seek community input on potential solutions
4. Establish priorities
5. Make a detailed plan with timelines
6. Aggressively implement the plan.

This process would move forward with Advisory Teams composed of residents, Council members, experts, city staff and the Mayor, with smaller teams formed to focus on individual projects.  Resident participation in each step will be critical to the successful planning and implementation of solution strategies.

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