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The leadership
we need


We need more businesses to share the tax load with homeowners who want our schools to remain strong and properties to remain affordable. 

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Barbara understands how critical public education is to the growth of our city.  As mayor, Barbara will be an advocate for the CH-UH schools locally and in Columbus.  She will collaborate with the District and enhance communication to all residents and recognize the value of every school. click here

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Some city services-snow plowing, garbage collection, leaf pickup -operate well, while others require evaluation. Crime is a growing concern. Defunding the police is not the solution, but we can reimagine how police can help to maintain the safe community we all want. 

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Cleveland Heights’ reputation for diversity attracts many families to this community. We live together but we need to work together to bring the changes we want. For more on my experience and vision in the area of equity and inclusion, click here