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Danforth, Seren headed toward November showdown to become Cleveland Heights’ first elected mayor

By Thomas Jewell (Cleveland.com, September 14, 2021): “The race to become the first elected mayor in the city’s 100-year history has come down to two candidates: Barbara Danforth and Kahlil Seren." Read More >

Danforth, Seren to face off in Cleveland Heights’ mayoral race in November

By Jennifer Conn (Spectrum News 1, September 14, 2021): “Cleveland Heights voters have chosen the top two candidates — Barbara Danforth and Kahlil Seren – from a field of three in the city’s first mayoral primary in its 100-year history. Residents voted in 2019 to change the city’s charter from the city manager form of government to an elected mayor." Read More >

Barbara Danforth and Khalil Seren advance to Cleveland Heights November Mayoral Election

By Sara Shookman and Hope Sloop (WKYC, September 14, 2021): “The people of Cleveland Heights have decided which two candidates will square off to see who becomes the first mayor in the city's history." Read More >

Danforth, Seren vie to become Cleveland Heights’ first elected mayor

By Jane Kaufman (Cleveland Jewish News, September 14, 2021): “Barbara Danforth and Cleveland Heights City Council member Kahlil Seren will advance to the Nov. 2 general election in the race for Cleveland Heights’ first elected mayor. Danforth received 3,088 votes, 46.06% of the vote, while Seren garnered 2,523 votes, 37.63% of the vote in the Sept. 14 primary.” Read More >

Danforth will help arts and business

By Ann Harlan and Ronald Neill (Heights Observer, September 2, 2021): “It is clear to us that electing a mayor who understands the vital role arts play in creating a strong community and a strong business and tax base is vital. It is also clear to us that Barbara Danforth is that person.” Read More >

College senior endorses Danforth

By Hannah Gilson (Heights Observer, September 2, 2021): “I am certain of her genuine desire to be a true public servant—something incredibly refreshing for this student of politics and economic policy! I am accordingly confident in Danforth’s ability to enact meaningful change for this city.” Read More >

Danforth rises above other candidates

By Michael Bennett (Heights Observer, September 2, 2021): “Danforth not only is a good candidate for mayor, she is the best one.” Read More >

Danforth will prioritize Noble neighborhood

By Tonya Horn (Heights Observer, July 30, 2021): “Barbara Danforth has the vision to know this is an important project; she has the skill set to make this happen; and she’s given me her promise that it will be a priority for her. She has my vote!” Read more >

Danforth's leadership is key skill for new mayor

By Lee Chilcote (Heights Observer, July 30, 2021): “What impressed and captivated me most about Danforth is her commitment and ability to be both a visionary leader and a hands-on mentor-coach to our employees—exactly the combination of leadership styles that work best. I know that she is also compassionate and forthcoming …” Read more >

'The time is now' to positively impact environment

By Barbara Danforth (Heights Observer, July 30, 2021): “As mayor, I will push the city toward the use of environmentally friendly strategies. One of my first actions will be to create an Environmental Task Force. … Working together as individuals, and in concert with city operations, we can have a positive impact on our environment. The time is now, the need is urgent, and it must be a priority for our city.” Read more >

Danforth has necessary practical experience

By Dan T. Moore (Heights Observer, July 30, 2021): “… It’s critical that our new mayor bring to city hall a proven track record of leadership, with fluency in the language of business, fund accounting, politics and conciliation. We don’t have the luxury of on-the-job training. Practical experience will be essential. We are lucky to have a candidate with this level of experience willing to take on this job.” Read more >

Why I support Danforth for mayor

By Alan Rapoport (Heights Observer, July 1, 2021): “… the first mayor chosen under a new system will have neither experience nor history as a guide. Our city will require especially talented leadership during the initial transition period. Danforth is the candidate most likely to provide such leadership.” Read more >

Danforth on leading CH's transition

By Barbara Danforth (Heights Observer, July 1, 2021): “An effective transition will require broad and deep executive leadership skills and experience. … This is how I will accomplish this monumental transition, if elected mayor …” Read more >

New CH mayor should champion police department

By Reginald Evans (Heights Observer, July 1, 2021): “Our new mayor will also carry the title of safety director, with a mandate to speak harsh truths when and if necessary. … We need a mayor who has spent time in courtrooms, a mayor who has a demonstrable history of actually running large organizations, a mayor who can stand in front of students and command respect, and a mayor who has a passion for equality and transparency. … that is Barbara Danforth.” Read more >

Former Cleveland mayor endorses Danforth

By Jane Campbell (Heights Observer, May 27, 2021): “Cleveland Heights voters now have the opportunity to hire the right talent to lead the city, Barbara Danforth. Cleveland Heights deserves no less than the best to serve as the first mayor under the new system.” Read more >

CH resident urges voters to stay informed; endorses Danforth

By Joy Roller (Heights Observer, May 27, 2021): “… city mayors can make executive changes that affect residents' daily lives. For that reason, the Cleveland Heights mayor's race is a rare opportunity for residents to have a say in the future of our city. … Barbara Danforth is the best candidate to lead Cleveland Heights into the future.” Read more >

Barbara Danforth announces candidacy for CH mayor

By Barbara Danforth (Heights Observer, Feb. 12, 2021): “Running the city is very much like running a multi-million-dollar business, and I ask the voters of Cleveland Heights to elect a mayor who has demonstrable experience running big operations, making payrolls, and working by consensus …” Read more >

Barbara Danforth proves you don't have to be a serial entrepreneur to enjoy multiple careers

By Marcia Pledger (The Plain Dealer, Jan. 11, 2019): “Prior to becoming a senior vice president at Ratliff & Taylor nearly five years ago, Danforth spent 15 years as president and CEO of the YWCA of Greater Cleveland, where she transformed a fragile agency into a vibrant organization for women at all stages of their lives.” Read more >

Danforth co-chairs The City Club of Cleveland Strategic Planning Committee on 100th anniversary

By Michelle Park Lazette (Crain’s Cleveland Business, Feb. 25. 2013): “Historically, the City Club has informed, has provided a speaker pretty much in a passive way,” Ms. Danforth said. “Now, we're talking about informing, motivating and engaging ... creating opportunities for the conversation to continue.” Read more >

Cleveland Heights resident Barbara Danforth receives YWCA Lifetime Achievement Award

By Margaret Brennan (Patch, May 21, 2012): “Danforth … exemplifies the organization's mission of eliminating racism and empowering women in an extraordinary way. Ms. Danforth is only the fifth recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in the history of the Women of Achievement Awards.” Read more >

Barbara Danforth: Helping to empower women by her work and her example

By Debbie Hanson (clevelandwomen.com): “The job she is in requires a strong, confident, spiritual woman with immense insight and strength. It requires someone with the ability to make decisions. It demands commitment. It requires an open heart and an open mind. Barbara Danforth is all of these things.” Read more >