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Excellent Services & Safety

I have heard complaints of uneven City services. There needs to be excellence and consistency in how services are delivered throughout the city. Each system needs to be reviewed and evaluated to be sure it is the best it can be. All services need periodic review. A systematic evaluation of each component of the services can isolate processes that need improvement.


Crime is a growing concern.  The increase in some types of crimes may in part be due to the pandemic.  Regardless of the cause, defunding the police is not the solution.   Residents are entitled to a better understanding of the police policies and procedures that govern their actions.  Police reform measures could include specially trained teams that respond to calls involving mental health or domestic violence.  New strategies need to be considered to enhance police and community relations.


I have a unique perspective of police work as the result of my experience as Chief Prosecutor for the City of Cleveland.  In that role, I supervised a team of lawyers and mediators who reviewed criminal complaints filed by citizens and determined whether there was sufficient evidence to pursue the case.  Many of these cases were the result of domestic violence.  I worked with a multi-disciplinary team to develop a new protocol for gathering evidence and prosecuting these crimes.


I also had the responsibility of reviewing all police “use of force” matters.  This work gave me an appreciation of how difficult and dangerous it is to be a police officer,  while also recognizing that police reform was needed.  


With the taxes that we pay, we want our city services to be very good and our streets safe.  I have the experience to address these concerns and I will make them a priority.